Where is Tuscia? Tuscia in composed mainly by the province of Viterbo and touches Tuscany (North), Umbria (East), the province of Rome (South) and the Tyrrenian Sea (West).
How do I get there? The nearest airports are in Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino). From here, car rental is available. Car is the best way to reach Viterbo and Tuscia.
How far is Viterbo from the most important cities? Visit
Where can I go fishing in Tuscia? Visit
How difficult are the waters of this area? In Tuscia and Central Italy rivers are rarely as wide as in the North of the Country and often are of no easy access and offer serious casting difficulties. However, there are also plenty of “easier waters” where unskilled flyanglers can enjoy themselves in full relax.
What does Tuscia offer after – or in addition to – a fishing day? After a pleasant fishing day, anglers can enjoy some wine tasting or spend the rest of the evening in a spa or a few hours fly tying in the hotel/bb. Slide projections or talks about flyfishing technique, history and philosophy or description of the many waters of this area are also available.
How long is a flyfishing day? As a rule, fishing days go from early in the morning to sunset on the river. Under special circumstances (very hot days or far destinations) the length of the fishing day can vary. Half a day or more-than-one-day (in case of very far destinations) trips can also be arranged.
What can my relatives or friends do while I go fishing? Opportunities are numberless: medieval/etruscan towns sightseeing, archaeologic visits, horse riding, spas, trekking, golf, archery, musea, photography, local food courses, typical food/wine tasting and much, much more.
What about local fishing license and daily tickets? A national fishing license is compulsory, also for foreigners. National license for foreigners and daily tickets for no-kill areas have different prices subject to modification (often without any prior notice). Simply send a copy of your passport (via email, jpg format) a few days in advance and you find all the necessary fishing documents available upon arrival.
What flyfishing technique is possible in these waters? All flyfishing techniques can be practiced in our waters: wet, dry, nymph, streamer, popper. Some nokill waters have strict regulations which must be followed to avoid any sort of problem. All information available upon request.
Is tackle available on site? If you do not have your own fishing tackle you can buy one on site but basic sets (rod, flyline, reel, leaders, flies, waders) are available for renting.
I do not speak Italian. Might this be a problem? Definitely not. We speak fluent English, French and a little bit of German.
I have never fished with a fly: shall I go fishless? Flyfishing and casting are not that difficult. Beginners can attend a basic training course – held by Casting Instructor – sufficient to approach the water with the correct knowledge.
The river/lake chosen for that specific date is not in normal or good conditions. What happens? The range of waters present in our area includes many types of rivers and lake. Unless the weather has been so bad for many days, there is also a second chance which will be decided together for your best satisfaction.
Is it possible to find artificial flies on site? If you don’t have your own flies with you, we supply a stock for your fishing day. Last but not least, flies can by tied together once back to the b&b or restaurant, as an after dinner activity.
How can I get more infos? Get in touch with us and ask as many questions as you like.
I would like to make a “do-it-yourself” fishing holiday. Is that so difficult? Tuscia and Central Italy offer so many fishing (and tourism) opportunities that a do-it-yourself holiday would be a very hard and incomplete task. Last but not least, fishing regulations can vary from river to river.
What sort of weather can I expect? As a rule, we have mild winters and fresh summers but – of course! – exceptions are always round the corner. The hottest days are usually in the middle of July/early August while the coldest are in January/February. Fishing is possible from as early as beginning of March up to end end of the year.
What if I don’t want to go fishing? Tuscia (and Italy) is the cradle of Etruscan culture and offers thousands of sites and towns to be visited, Medieval towns are plentiful… no time to get bored in Tuscia!
Where do I meet the group or the guide? All trips start from the b&b, agritourism or hotel where you’re staying, except otherwise decided or agreed upon our first meeting.
What should I bring? You can take your own fishing tackle/equipment from home but if you prefer you can borrow our own (only, let’s know in advance since we have only a certain number available): rod, line, reel, leaders and flies.
What sort of food can I expect? On-the-river baskets include sandwich, bottle of water and fruit. Dinners and lunches will be at restaurants/pizzeria where local food is served.
What if I have a dietary restriction or food allergy? Simply let us know in advance in writing (email) and we shall bear in mind you needs.
What should I bring to wear in the evenings?  Fishing areas are normally hot during the spring/summer days but turn to fresh and cold at sunset. A light pullover and a sweater are recommended once you leave the water. A light raincoat is suggested in case of sudden rain or thunderstorm.
What if I want to extend my trip? Trips are normally fixed well in advance to avoid overlapping. However, prolonging your trip will not be a problem given that the extra days are not already booked.
What are the best periods of the year for a fishing holiday in Tuscia and Central Italy? Spring and Autumn are without any doubt the best periods of the year but thanks to the mild weather excellent results can be obtained also during the hottest days of Summer and late Autumn.
What about lunch and how is the day organized? A full-day fishing session starts as early as possible according to the distance to be covered to reach the chosen water. If not specifically required or suggested by local conditions, we prefer avoiding dawn fishing granting you the most relaxing holiday. To avoid missing some good opportunities during the “coup the midi”, we normally stop for a quick lunch on the river/lake bank (sandwich, water, fruit) but if you prefer sitting at a table for a more substantial lunch (especially during the hottest days of summer), we can also decide for a nearby restaurant or pizzeria. It is important that you inform us about any special or specific requirement about food (allergy, religion or else).
I am also interested in guided tours and activities in addition to fishing. What kind of assistance shall I get? Simply let us know what you might be interested in and we shall suggest you whom to get in touch with. We cooperate with local tourist agencies granting you the best assistance and services.
Why should I decide for a guide if I want to fish Tuscia and Central Italy waters? A fishing guide for a good fishing day is not compulsory if you wish to spend a lovely holiday and this is true in many waters, not only in Central Italy.However,  you should seriously consider this option if you want to get the maximum from your limited staying in this country and you know little or nothing about it. The quantity and quality of your catches are very often based on your guide’s knowledge, simply because you are unfamiliar with the best fishing locations, the best flies and the most productive technique for the given spots or beat. Your guide will also help you find anything you need in case you have forgotten or lost any part of your tackle or if you need advice about casting or flytying. While on the river or lake, your guide will be always within reach distance for a suggestion, for a comment or simply suggest the best steps to reach a specific spot. A fishing guide is not just a guide: he’s there to offer you his knowledge of the waters you’re visiting or suggest you – if required – the best way to cast the fly under that hanging bush or beyond that boulder…Most of all, he is a flyfishing addict, whose passion and enthusiasm are based on a long lasting experience giving him a strong self-confidence and knowledge.Last but not least, your fishing guide will not limit his assistance while along the rivers or lakes. He is there to give you help also for your after-fishing session. You can take advantage of his knowledge of the territory to decide how to spend your evening or choose any other activity in addition to fishing both for you and/or your family or accompanying friends.To make a long story short: you start with a fishing guide and leave Italy with a new friend.
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