Bassano in Teverina

This small town, nestled in the bends of the Tiber, on the road leading from Orte to Viterbo, lays almost – and mistakenly – unnoticed. It is a real pity and tourists should not miss a visit to this surprising heap of houses.

At first sight, if offers no special attractions except the fact that it lays immersed in the green of the landscape, facing the silhouette of Mount Cimino. If you wish to discover a really surprising emotion, you should reach the main square (Chiesa dell’Immacolata Concezione), leave the car and walk down the sloping street, until you reach the old and medieval-styled center.


The small town changes its face and shows its beauties in many houses and buildings recalling the ancient medieval times. Narrow streets climbing the hill… a clock-tower filled with history… small yards surrounded by medieval houses…


Bassano_Teverina_050616_088         Bassano_Teverina_050616_085



Bassano_Teverina_050616_078a couple of fountains…



 a fortified mansion…



a medieval clock-tower (actually, one tower inside another),,,


typical medieval courts and yards…



After such an amusing trip, the visitor deserves a restoring stop and here, in the middle of a surprising Tuscia, this small and too much ignored hamlet of Bassano in Teverina has the right place: “Fornace” is not a restaurant. It is not a bar. It is a place where a few young boys and girls have found their way to re-evaluate their dreams and earn money giving new life to Bassano. Find your place at one of the small and inviting wooden and hand-made tables in the small square and ask for a typical dish with bread, ham, cheese and delicious honey-decorated “ricotta”. There is no better description than having a try.


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