Castiglione in Teverina

Castiglione is located in Northern Latium, some 40 km from Viterbo and 110 km from Rome, not far from river Tiber and the border with Umbria.


Its ancient buildings – many dating back to the midst of history – make this small and quiet village the ideal place for relaxing holidays in many B&Bs and holiday houses scattered in the area (The Yellow House – – for example, in Civitella d’Agliano is just minutes away from Castiglione).

Castiglione is said to have been built in 1351 a.D. after the destruction of Paterno castle by Berardo di Corrado Monaldeschi. What is sure is that the village was born approx in 1000 a.D. around a tower destined to protect the ground level. Old documents contain many references: the first established the borders of Pivieri’s family of teh district of Orvieto in 1278 while another document dated the beginning of the XIVth century when the castrum was nominated for the first time in the “Carta del Popolo di Orvieto” “…additur de novo quod emanatur per Comunen Urbeventanum castrum Castiglionis quod est in Tyberina…”. In 1323 the Monaldeschis ordered that 4 men from each district were to move to Castiglione to build new houses in return for 20 years exoneration of tax payment. The Monaldeschis’ expansive politics led to an urbanization of Castiglione and gave birth to the first villages and the main road (today, Via IV Novembre) connecting the North and the South.


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