Castles and Fortresses

The province of Viterbo is dotted with many castles and fortresses, some of them still in good conditions, some still inhabited by the noble families they belong to and some others in bad conditions due to the weather conditions and lack of interest of man.

Some can be visited on a regular basis while others require the owner’s authorization. Information is given in the hereunder list and relevant links.

We wish to thank Mary Jane Cryan ( for her permission to reproduce parts of her book Etruria, Travel, History and Itineraries in Central Italy – Ed. Archeoares enabling our visitors to appreciated a still unknown side of our beautiful province.

Castello Altieri Vejano Privately owned. Once it belonged to the Santacroce family and has a deep moat.
Castello Costaguti  Roccalvecce Tourist complex (albergo diffuso).
Castel Cardinale Tuscania
Castell’Araldo Marta
Castello dell’Ancarano
Castello della Badia Vulci A trapezoidal building with a tall cylindric tower, it is now the seat of the National Etruscan Museum. It rests in th middle of a vast Etruscan area with tombs and other remains. River Fiora crosses its park and creates a nice natural lake (Lake Pellicone) where fishing is possible.
Castello di Bomarzo Bomarzo Well preserved Orsini Castle, built by Vicino Orsini who also created the Sacro Bosco in the 1500s. Now used as City Hall, it is often the venue for cultural events and conferences.
Castello (torre) di Chia Soriano nel Cimino Privately owned. The film maker Pierpaolo Pasolini spent here his last years and directed one of his most famous films (Il Vangelo secondo Matteo) using  Fosso Castello – running not far from the castle (tower) – as the river Giordano. It is now used for events, parties and cultura events.
Castello di Corviano Soriano nel Cimino Archaeological site.
Castello di Gradoli Gradoli Castle museum of Renaissance Costume in the center of the town, overlooking lake of Bolsena.
Castello di Foiano Faleria
Castello di Montecalvello Montecalvello Privately owned. Rarely open to visits. Painter Balthus lived and worked here.
Castello di Mugnano Mugnano in Teverina B&B and events
Castello di Paterno Faleria
Castello di Pian Fasciano
Castello di Proceno –  Proceno A rare example of a medieval fortification  surviving is its origial state. Its pentagonal base incorporates a main tower, two secondary towers, walkways and a drawbridge. Today it is part of a tourist complex (albergo diffuso) operated by the Cecchini Bisoni family.
Castello di San Giovenale Civitella Cesi
Castello di Santa Cristina Grotte di Castro Owned by the Caterini family, it is now a tourist complex with self-catering apartments and B&B rooms.
Castello di Torre Alfina Torrealfina Privately owned and used as a  tourist complex (albergo diffuso).
Castello Ducale Gallese Ducal castle still owned by tge Hardouin family whose descendent, Don Luigi, still lives here and mantains the castle and vast lands. It was once home to write Gabriele d’Annunzio.
Castello Farnese Capodimonte Farnese castle with the drawbridge and spiralling entrance walk. Privately owned. Visits to the interior courtyard are possible.
Castello Giustiniani Bassano Romano Owned by the State – Giustiniani family castle where Fellini filmed La Dolce Vita.
Castello Guglielmi Moltalto di Castro Gugliemi family castle is still used as a summer residence by family members.
Castello Farnese-Orsini Carbognano One of the many Farnese-Orsini castles in the area, it is privately owned and boasts a magnificient fresco cycle about Giula Farnese and several monumental crests.
Castello Orsini Soriano nel Cimino The Orsini castle is among the best preserved in Lazio, once the summer home of Pope Nicholas II Orsini, then  a prison and now used for events and festivals.
Castello Orsini Vasanello It has belonged to Della Rovere, Colonna, Orsini and Barberini families and is now property of the Misciatelly family who use it for summer garden shows and a museum of local ceramics.
Castello Ruspoli –  Vignanello privately owbed
Palazzo Monaldeschi Lubriano Privately owned by the Misasi family use their magnificient home as a venue for weddings, events, summer accomodations with views over the calanchi and Civita di Bagnoregio.
Palazzo Monaldeschi (o Madama) Onano Seat of the City Hall. The visitors can admire the Denham family frescoes and memories of Pope Pius XII (Pope Pacelli).
Palazzo Orsini Mugnano in Teverina Restored, it is now used for events and B&B.
Rocca dei Papi Montefiascone enoteca
Rocca Farnese Valentano  Overlooking Lake Bolsena, is now the Museum of Prehistory and includes a rich collection of Medieval and Renaissance ceramics.
Rocca dei Prefetti di Vico
Rocca di San Leonardo  Borghetto
Roccaccia di Respampani Tuscania Midway between Vetralla and Tuscania, it is privately owned and can be visited upon request. It is mainly used for events and festivals.
Rocca Monaldeschi  Bolsena Now the site of the city museum, the interior was destroyed by the local population in 1800 so Napoleon’s troops could not use it. Guided tours available on request.









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