Proceno and its Castle

Proceno is a very small village in the north of the Province of Viterbo, not far from the border with Tuscany, dominated by the presence of a very nice and well mantained castle used by the owners (Cecchini Bisoni Family) to give hospitality to visitors and tourists. Proceno is near rivers Stridolone and Paglia, both offering good opportunities to flyanglers wishing to go deep into a savage and almost untouched nature. Proceno’s Castle is worth a visit for its atmosphere dense with history and legends. Ask the owners to tell you some of the local stories and the happenings involving the castle in the ancient days, and don’t forget to mention StunningLand: they will welcome you like old friends.

“A rare example of a medieval fortification surviving in its original state, Its pentagonal base incorporates a main tower, two secondary towers, walkways and a drawbridge. Today it is part of a tourist complex (albergo diffuso) operated by the Ceccchini Bisoni famly.” (courtesy Mary Jane Cryan – – “Etruria, travel, history and itineraries in Central Italy”)

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