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M. Mueller, Germany
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 Emma (Herfordshire, England) During our holiday to The Yellow House (July 2015) we met Osvaldo who introduced us to fly-fishing.  Our group consisted of myself, my brother, my 13 year old nephew and 14 year old niece. I know little about fishing but my brother is a keen angler.One evening Osvaldo spent 2 hours with us in the field and by the stream teaching us the basics of how to cast and the following day we spent a glorious day fly-fishing and swimming from a boat on Lake Bolsena. 

I am happy to say that we had two successes (although one fish wriggled off the line before it was landed!).  Osvaldo is an excellent teacher, very patient and encouraging with adults and teenagers, he is also clearly passionate about fly-fishing and was as excited as we were to see the fish chasing the flies. 

Osvaldo was also very flexible about our Itinerary. When our concentration waned, he was happy to find us lovely spots to stop so we could dive into the lake for a refreshing swim.  He also provided a simple lunch which we enjoyed on a tiny secluded island with no one in sight.  I very much look forward to my next fly-fishing experience.  Many thanks Osvaldo.

Arthur T. – USA I do remember the day we spent together on the Nera No-kill stretch a few years ago, during my holidays in Tuscia area. We had a really beautiful day and I hope to come again to Central Italy in the near future. Tuscia is such a wonderful place to stay for a relaxing holiday.   
 Brian, Australia
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I had an awesome days fly fishing with Osvaldo on the Nera river in Umbria.
Osvaldo is a Master Casting Instructor and runs workshops in fly tying and casting as well as guiding for as wide range of fishing experiences, from trout in rivers and streams, to lakes (and believe me, there are some awesome lakes).
He can organize trips for pike and chub and grayling and several other fresh water species, as well as a wide range of salt water species, from both beach and boat.
He is a friendly easy going man, softly spoken, and with a warm sense of humour, and his humility belies his awesome knowledge of everything piscatorial. He enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge, and delights in others success.
His website is well worth a look.


Gianluca F. – Assen, The Netherlands   Flyfishingtuscia has given me an unforgettable fishing day on the Nera. Osvaldo, with his true enthusiasm, has shown me suggestive spots which an angler should not miss. Flyfishingtuscia gaf mij een onvergetelijke dag bij de Nera. Osvaldo, met zijn gedrevenheid, heeft mij door schitterende plekjes geleid die een visser niet kan vergeten.
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