Lake Pellicone

Lake Pellicone (used as the set for the film “Tre uomini ed una gamba” with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo) is created by river Fiora, one of the most important of central Italy ending its journey to the Tyrrenian Sea (its mouth is also a very good spot for seafishing from the shore…).

The peculiarity of this very small lake (as a matter of fact, it’s an enlargement of Fiora) is that it is located within the boundaries of one of the most interesting and famous Etruscan Parks of Tuscia: the Etruscan site of Vulci.

This makes the lake an excellent destination for those who want to spend a day combining fishing with ancient civilization, breathing the air of our ancestors and species as river Fiora: chub, barbel, carp… all cyprinids that may reach very interesting dimensions and eagerly accepting our flies (yes! also carp and barbel do!!!).

You may fish both the calm water of the lake and the slow-medium fast current of the river all in the same day expecting some Etruscan jumping out from the rocks bordering the lake.

The lake is included in the trip to Park of Vulci, offered by Cencelleintours/Convibionatura.

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