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Let’s go eating… excellent food and wines from this wonderful land!

  • First Course

Acquacotta : This is the name of a typical soup prepared with chicory, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, hot pepperl dried cod, dry bread and olive oil (ingredients can vary from village to village and from season to season). Other typical soups are made with mushrooms, legumes, chestnuts, lake fish and lamb. Other first courses are rice and lentils, pasta with potatoes, rice and chicory, peas with “quadrucci” (egg pasta shaped in small squares), and “minestrone alla Viterbese” (soup with vegetables).

Pasta dishes include macaroni, ceciliali (typical from Canepina), lombrichelli (small “pasta worms”), potatoes gnocchi, fettuccine, pappardelle, gavinelle (typical from Carbognano) and polenta.
All are served with a classic “ragù” (meat sauce) or a variety of sauces made with hare, wild boar, mushrooms, spare ribs, pork sausage (especially with “polenta”).
“Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino” (spaghetti with garlic, oil and hot pepper) is a dish for particular occasions as well as “cacio e pepe” (Roman pecorino cheese and black pepper).

  • Second Course

Meat dishes include “coniglio (rabbit) alla cacciatora”, stewen chicken with tomatoes, wild boar bujone, stewed hare, baked lamb, “trippa” with tomatoe sauce, fried “coratella” (veal intestines), roast pork, pignattaccia (meat with vegetables).

  • Cheese

Cheese range from sheep cheese, ricotta and Pecorino (obtained from sheep milk), Caciotta mista della Tuscia (mix of Tuscia cheese), Pecorino viterbese (hard cheese made from ewe’s milk) and Pecorino in grotta del Viterbese (hard cheese seasoned in cave).

  • Fish

Fish courses give preference to lake inhabitants: fried perch fillets, stewed eels, fried “lattarini”, stewed or fried pike, baked or grilled whitefish.

  • Dessert

Ravioli with ricotta, ciambella, tarts made with ricotta or jam, “tozzetti” (crunchy buscuits and cookies with hazelnuts), fritters made with rice (special for St. Joseph day), pangiallo, maccheroni with walnuts (Christmas time), yeast cakes (for Easter), the “amaretti” or almond cookies (famous those from Blera).

  • Wines

Wines are headed by the world famous Est! Est! Est! from Montefiascone. Other wines come from Vignanello, Tarquinia, Castiglione in Teverina and Gradoli (Aleatico).

Last but not least, the rare “Cannaiola” produced in very limited quantity in the area of Marta (Bolsena Lake). Do you want more infos on this special wine? Click here!

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