Acquacotta (=cooked water) is a poor but excellent dish, now come to the top of the list of foods thanks to the efforts made toward the valorization of local and true tastes. There are lots of recipes for Acquacotta and all were created to satisfy the peasants’ and sheepmen’s hunger using the produces of lands. For this reason, recipes vary according to the season and the available vegetables. This one, a springtime recipe – has been taken from Fulvio Ferri’s “Olio e ricordi in cucina” Etruria Edition – Davide Ghaleb Editore (English text by Mary Jane Cryan). 
“In a narrow pan boil a potato, onion, a bunch on mint leaves, a fist of salt and a bit of red pepper. After 15 minutes add the chicory and finish the cooking.
Add an egg to the soup and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.
In a soup bowl place a few slices of toasted bread and add a bit of the soup water.
Add the potato, half onion, chicory and egg on top and cover with oil.”

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