Casting Sessions

Many tourists arrive in this area for culture, food, history and the like and once they’re told that Tuscia offers plenty of opportunities for angling they regret having left their tackle at home. Others complain about not being able to cast a fly.

For the former, there is a solution: tackle is available on site.

For the latter there is a solution, too.

Trn_Ri_200514_060Most of our rivers ask for short distance casts with sufficient skill to drop the fly in the right spot. 

No need for long distances (except in some specific cases) and this helps the beginner in learning the technique.

corso10Short sessions can be arranged to learn how to approach the river and the fish using an average outfit (8,5″ rod, #4 to 5 line).

Casting sessions normally take place on a meadow near a pond (with trout and basses) or at the hotel/b&b/camping site. 

A couple of sessions (half a day each) are sufficient to understand the movements and the technique and consequently go to the river/lake for a wonderful experience.

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