In May we had the pleasure to have two friends from Holland who finally decided to take a flight to Rome and spend a week or so in Fisherman’s Land of Dreams. They were used to fished together in their green years but none of them even knows what flyfishing means. That is, the most important part of their trip will consist in training both the arm and the their stomach, given that they have been introduced to me as fun of Italian food. The job will be a hard one, but supporting our beautiful land is a must for every Italian, and we are proud to help a little (click on the image to browse).

1st day 

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     2nd day

The following day, we have a short sight of  Viterbo and Montefiascone, where they buy their waders. The first casting lesson takes place in Montefiascone, along the lake

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3rd day

This is the third day for Harry and Jo. In the morning, a short trip to Viterbo for a visit to the Bulicame. Today will be another sight-seeing and casting session day.

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4th day

The next day, the sky is covered with clouds but the program takes us to Valnerina where the tickets for the no-kill stretch have been booked since weeks. We stop at the hotel in Piedipaterno where they had already booked a room, leave the baggages and run immediately to pick up the tickets. Unfortunately, due to some bureaucratical reasons, the two next-to-be anglers cannot wet their flies in the Nera. Fishing is postponed to the next day. By the way, it’s raining, heavy clouds are coming from the north… what shall we do? Let’s do some tourism… Norcia and the land of lentils (Castelluccio) are not that far, after all..

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 5th day

Today we decide for the lower part of the Nera, another no-kill stretch where the characteristics of the riv2freeeeer are quite different than in the upper part.

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 6th day

Today we decide for the “free water stretch”.


 7th day

Harry’s and Jo’s last day in Italy. We decide for what we call it the “swimming pool”. Upon our arrival, it’s already crowded and we decide to move a little upstream where few people are normally found.

All nice things always come to an end too early, and it was very sad to wave them good-bye while crossing the gates at the airport.

Nevertheless, we spent a few wonderful days and I will always remember the talks, the jokes, the smiles, the comments, the hilarity on the river and at the table… all signs of a good friendship which, I hope, will last for long.

I have been very happy and very proud to have had the chance to take those two guys across the beauties of our beloved country and the banks of this beautiful river.

Not to be forgotten, the pleasure of having introduced them to the magic world of flyfishing. Too short the days dedicated to the teaching but they two proved to be quick learners and when, in Holland, will show their skill they’ll say “I was taught in Italy”. Another good reason to be proud of our land.

ps: all the above would have not been possible without the helpful intervention of a girl who loves Italy so much to have decided to help at the highest level. For privacy reasons I won’t name her but she knows that StunningLand owes her a lot.

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