Fibreno & Nera

Fred decided to pay me a visit and wants to fish the lake for basses and the Nera for trout. He arrives on May 1st early in the morning and we decide to spend the first period of his staying visiting Viterbo: today the town is wearing its best dress because it’s holiday. Every year we celebrate may 1st with the so-called Spring-Holiday when the district of S. Pellegrino (the very center of the old town) is dressed with flowers.

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In the afternoon we go to the lake but the weather is not of the best: the wind is too strong and the rain starts falling heavily. We are obliged to go home, half-wet in spite of the waders and the raincoat.

Tomorrow we go to the Nera… wait, the water is not excellent because of the last rains… what about driving to the Fibreno and stop on the Nera later? Well. to honest I wanted to ask you to take me to the Fibreno. I’ve never been there and would like go have a look and a try… I call the b&b, I fix the rooms and drive directly to that wonderful river. The sky is still cloudy and … mmmmhhhhh …. who knows what’s going to happen?

2nd day – Fibreno No Kill stretch

River Fibreno is some 2 hours’ drive south of Viterbo and is considered as the most beautiful chalk-stream of Italy. It runs through a wide valley, it’s characterized by a slow and deep current flowing among a huge quantity of weeds where native “Macrostigma Trout” find shelter.

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3rd day – Fibreno – free water stretch

There is a “free” stretch on the Fibreno where fishing is possible without paying any ticket. It’s in the upper part of the river, not far from the lake where the Fibreno originates. Fishing is a little more difficult because of the depth of the water and of the few casting spots (the borders are lined with trees and bushes and access to the water is very hard). It’s cloudy, and the air chilly. It’s our second day on this wonderful chalk-stream and we are anxious to cast to the few but big trout we spot among the weeds…

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4th day – Nera – free water stretch

Today it’s the last fishing day and we decide to move to the Nera, quite a long trip and before getting to the river, we stop on the Aniene, not far from Rome, but the water conditions are very bad and we decide to continue to our final destination. We reach the Nera in the middle of the morning.

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 The water is good, trout are not rising but we feel we shall have our prize. We enter the water together and start casting to the most interesting spots. At noon we stop for a quick rest and a sandwich. Trout start rising all around us. Before dark, we have caught some 8-9 fish each, some of them around 38 cm. Not so many for this river but a good result, after all!

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