Fred asks for running water and the best solution is the Nera. Today, however, it’s no fishing day for the Nera and we have two chances: the Stridolone and the Paglia (a river full with cyprinids but whose name means “Straw”, due to the normal water color). We arrive late in the morning and the Paglia is exactly what its name means: deep straw color due to the heavy rain of the previous days. We move to the Stridolone where the water level is not bad but the water color is… so-and-so. We spend a couple of hours on this small stream (in normal condition it offers a lot of amusement even if trout are present only for “political” reasons (to give the opportunity to anglers who love fishing competitions). As a matter of facts, it’s without any doubt a cyprinid river and there is no reason for the presence of trout. Fred catches some nice chubs but the water turns to grey and we decide to leave.

We stop for a coffee and we are suggested to move to the S. Casciano Dam, not a long distance away. I know the dam, there are good sized basses and pikes and you can walk all along the perimeters. The rain, however, has incresed the water level and submerged the path running all around the lake.

After a nice chat with the guardian (who invites us to come another and more favourable day) we go to the Marta, approx 1 km from lake Bolsena outlet. It looks like a chalkstream but the banks are disturbed by some works. It’s very dark, now, and a couple of rises give only unhooked fish. It’s time to go back home. 

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