Black Bass

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt may be considered – together with chub – the “national” (local) fish for this area of Italy. It is widely spread in all the lakes both in Tuscia (Bolsena, Mezzano, Vico) and adjacent provinces (Bracciano, Nemi…), in many streams and rivers (Marta, Tiber…). Contrary to the lakes of the Northern regions (where lakes present a lot of floating vegetation) our lakes show a crown of reeds surrounding most of the lake circumference and vast beds of submerged weeds where black basses find food and repair. Knowing where these spots are located makes the real difference to flyanglers. Both poppers and streamers are normally used but streamers fished deep near the bottom or through the weeds give best results.

Matteo_Black_002_KW Danilo_Black_9025
Matteo_Black_009.KWJPG Danilo_Black_0663

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