What we offer are emotions…

We do not offer  “just” a Fly Fishing Guide but a (fly) fishing companion, ready to take you to the most interesting and profitable fishing spots of this – and adjacent – area(s).


Even if we consider Halford’s thoughts the highest expression of fishing, we think that fly fishing should not be limited only to the dries. The environment, the weather conditions, the kind of quarry we are after, the period of the year and many other variables we have to face every time we approach the water suggest the use of the dry, of the nymph, of the wet, of the streamer, of floating or sinking lines… Up to big terrestrials or poppers when you decide to hunt for trout in very fast currents or black-bass and pikes in placid ponds and lakes.

We consider the approach more important than lures and we prefer sticking to traditional rather than innovative methods. Above all, we consider the respect of the environment the top of our behavior.

We shall take you to the best spot according to your expectations. The choice will be in accordance to the quarry you are after, your favorite technique and the conditions of the river/lake.

Also, we shall choose the spot so that you can enjoy not only fishing but also the beauties of our country, because we are not offering just trips or  fishing but EMOTIONS.

For this reason we are not limiting our services only to “traditional” or world-wide famous spots. We have plenty of opportunities up to the mountains or along the lakes, where the catch is not granted everyday but must be conquered step after step.

From Tuscia you can reach quite a number of water (some of which very famous) and this is our “domestic” environment: Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche grant success in case of short or medium-range trips.

But you can take advantage of our experience to visit also other areas to the North or the South of Italy.

If you prefer leaving your tackle at home, you will find all the necessary here, from rod to reel, line, leaders, flies…. and if you wish to fish with your own tied patterns, pre-fishing sessions of fly tying can be arranged a few days before the fishing day. On that occasion, you might have an idea of the environment you’re going to meet thanks to a short slide presentation and explanation.

Have you never fished with a fly? You don’t have to worry about. A short casting course will make you ready to approach the river with enough knowledge and the river will teach you all the rest!!!

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