summer-landscape-with-river-and-mouIt’s the top month for the black-bass, reacting very well to the big poppers cast along the weeds and moved quickly and noisily. Huge streamers retrieved at different speed and depth are very good, too.

Lakes Bolsena, Mezzano, Martignano and Bracciano, as well as the quiet and slow bends of the bigger rivers (Tiber) are the best spots. Trout offer excellent sport in the Nera, especially during the coldest hours of the day (early morning, late evening).

For those who cannot wait until dawn, the undercuts and shadowy stretches of this wonderful river offer great sport with sedges, terrestrials as well as imitations of mayflies.

Cast to the most difficult spots and the queen of the river will be there! During the hottest hours, chubs are one of the most difficult preys. TrejaMignone, Fiora and lakes offer a lot of amusement, if you can withstand the strong sun.

The best technique is a bulky fly cast rather violently on the tail (not the head!) of the fish. It will turn suddenly and try to grab the unexpected prey!


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