Nera (Pg)

Some 100 km from Viterbo, the Nera runs through a green valley full with small towns and villages on the surrounding mountains. Except for some small stretches the river where fishing is forbidden, the Nera offers excellent fishing opportunities.

The lower part wets the province of  Terni and has a no-kill stretch: it is a little quieter and deeper than the upper part. In many cases it cannot be stepped into due to the strength and depth of the current. It offers big trout and best results are obtained with the nymph or the streamer. The middle part of Nera running through the province of Perugia has a long no-kill area divided into three sectors (in some cases fly only, in other cases fly and spinning). The upper stretch is faster and a little narrower than the lower stretch. It has “comparatively” small fish – but still of very good size. The middle stretch – between two bridges some 100 mt one from the other –  cannot be stepped into: waders are of no use since you must fish staying on the border. The lower part has bigger fish and fly fishing is not so easy (many bushes and  trees along the banks).

Above Borgo Cerreto the Nera becomes narrower and is similar to a mountain stream, still keeping the typical character of a chalk-stream. Near the village of Triponzo, it receives the Corno, which crosses the beautiful and suggestive “Gole di Biselli” offering extreme emotions to the fisherman  but the place is very dangerous (you fish between two rocks for a long stretch in deep water: waders are compulsory but very risky). The real mayfly is still present in the Nera. Big March Brown  and Brown or Black Sedges are a must in certain periods of the year but sometimes you need very thin leaders and #20-24 hooks for midges.



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