Aniene (Rm)

River Aniene is one of the few – if not the one – in the province of Rome where trout are present. Easily reachable in approx one our from the Capital, it is characterized by a savage upper stretch (where casting is very difficult – with a poor population of trout due to poachers) running through an enchanting landscape and a lower section which has been “renewed” thanks to the hard work of a roman fly fishing club, whose work has brought the river to new life. Here, trout are abundant and big, strong and shy, very difficult due to the clarity of water and the presence of shelters. The river offers different faces: shallow rifts, deep pools, fast currents… changing after every hundred meters. Insects are abundant, especially in spring and autumn. During the summer, good results are often obtained with attractors… wasps… crickets… and the like. Casting is not very difficult except for the presence of various currents and dragging is the main problem. Curve, serpentine, slack casts are a must everywhere.


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