Fosso Castello


Fosso Castello runs through a very narrow valley in the area of Chia and Soriano nel Cimino. It crosses a dark “forra” and was used by Pierpaolo Pasolini for the set of his “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo”, a worldwide known film. It contains white fish, very difficult to catch due to the environment. It is the land of wild boars, squirrels, owls and a lot of wild animals. Its banks are disseminated by many ruins of ancient water mills and man-made works dating back to the iron-age and etruscan caves.

At the end of the path taking down to the stream, a waterfall creates a series of pools carving the ancient stone.

Along the stream, a “gora” (a handmade channel once used to take the water to the water-mill) and a path carved into the mountain lead downstream directly to the mill, now in ruins with the rests of the ancient stone wheels.

The water flows silent passing through the savage wood showing the passage of wild pigs, foxes, squirrels, porcupines…

The spirits of the Etruscans seem still flying along the rocks, leaving the tombs where the corpses had been buried, and the water, silent and tumbling altogether, jumps from boulder to boulder wetting the land and the stone.

Casting is not to easy – especially in summer – when the trees almost cover the stream. The best flies are attractors, wasps, crickets, bivisibles… with short rods and light lines.


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