Rio Fratta

Tuscia is very… “strange” and amazing. You cross a small bridge, you stop and have a look down and see a small stream, almost insignificant. You would never bet how interesting it could be.
But we know Tuscia rather well and are ready to surprises. On the other side, the existence of this small stream was not unknown and a scouting day was compelling. A short investigation leads us to the right spot and our visit confirms the suspects: this is NOT an senseless stream. It’s something more and the images reveal the beauty of this environment.
Not far from  Viterbo, disguised somewhere between Gallese and Corchiano, the Rio Fratta (Fratta has, in Italian, the same meaning of “intrigued bush”) runs through a savage (and very hot!) landscape. It has deep pools, fast riffles and casting is extremely difficult. Chub are the main prey but there are some few trout, especially in the pools just below waterfalls. Waders are not compulsory: hip boots are enough. An 8″, 4-5# line is the most efficient tackle, with short leaders and big attractors or deep nymphs.
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