Situated some 60 km south of Viterbo, the Treja runs through a “forra” in a wild and amazing area. It houses only cyprininds (chub, barbel and carp) but offers fast flowing water and in many cases it looks like a mountain stream. The chub of the Treja are very shy and demand a very soft and careful approach. Best rods are no longer than 7.5″, 3-4# line. Waders are not necessary but sometimes useful. The bottom is often slippery but it doesn’t affect fishing.
Attractors, March Brown and Palmer give best result. In winter, streamers may be tried, especially in pools.
It has a no-kill area, near Civita Castellana while near Mazzano Romano (in the province of Rome) fishing is forbidden and the Treja runs through an extremely beautiful landscape situated in the “Parco del Treja”
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