Fly Fishing Cultural Events

StunningLand is not devoted only to Tourism and Welcome to Tuscia. Among its scopes, the cultural side of fly-fishing has a great importance. Fly anglers of the past are the main components of our today’s history and their works deserve the proper divulgation among the many who have little knowledge of this very topic of fly fishing.

Halford in one of those who created the basis of the so-called “modern dry fly fishing” and the one who we chose to start with. Year 2013 was the centenary of the publication of his last book, “The Dry Fly Man’s Handbok” while 2014 is the centenary of Halford’s death (the very moment the ship he was aboard touched the pier coming from the Mediterranean).

Its contents are exposed and explained wherever we are asked to, We started with Florence ( and Ferentillo (PG) and later we moved to Perugia and Vigevano (PV) and have already requests from other cities, from North to South. It’s a good method to have fly angling culture and philosophy spread in our country and – despite of the hard work it requires – we are happy to contribute to the knowledge of what our Fathers said. It will help understand why fly fishing is what it is today and we hope to give some contribution to the preservation of its value.

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