Osvaldo Velo

Schermata 2014-03-10 alle 19.03.07He has been flyfishing since ’77, when he joins the famous and historical Fly Angling Club for some 15 years as member and later Member of the Board (helping Carlo Rancati  – who gave the first rush to flyfishing in Italy – in the management of the Club). Here he attends the first casting session under the guide of the great Luciano Maragni. He joins Autodisciplina upon its birth.

He moved to the province of Cremona and due to the distance, he created a local flyfishing club (Fish&Flies) which he left when he finally moved to the province of Viterbo where he founded the Tuscia Fly Club (TFC), soon the leading and reference point for flyfishing in Lazio and other near areas.

Member of the Unione Nazionale Pescatori a Mosca, he climbed all the steps up to the Presidence. In the meantime, he attended two sessions for fly casting instructors (the first, by the never forgotten Mario Riccardi, one of the strongest flycasters of the italian history). Responsible for the Newspaper of the Unione for many years, he’s now representative of the national Association for Lazio.

He’s also national secretary of the National Casting School (SNL – Scuola Nazionale di Lancio). 

He has always shown great interest for the philosophy, history and culture of flyfishing and translated quite a number of English and French books (The Trout and the Fly, The Flysherman’s Primer, International Fly Patterns, Pris sur le Vif, A la  mouche, Ecrit le soir, Réhabilitation de la mouche noyée, La peche de l’ombre à la mouche, Poissons et Pecheurs etc). 

He cooperates with the most important Italian flyfishing magazines and devotes himself to environmental problems, giving birth to the first no-kill fly-and-spinning only stretch in the province of Viterbo. 

He fishes most of the Northern and Central Italy rivers and lakes and travels abroad visiting many other waters (Spain, Portugal, France, England, Austria, Switzerland, Tchekoslovachia, ex-Jugoslavia, Singapore, New Zealand…) often offering his support to angling-tourists. He trusts in the great opportunities offered by Italy and decides to use his experience and passion to increase flyfishing also in his country, combined with the beauties and touristic opportunities of the area. 

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