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Tuscia is an area of central Italy where almost everything needed and sought after by tourists is within a short drive. Mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, sea, historical towns, Etruscan necropolis… all of them and much more can be reached very easily.

Viterbo is the main city, located approximately in the center of the province, not far from lakes Bolsena, Vico and Mezzano, only 80 km north of Rome.

The Tyrrenian sea is but 70 km away while Florence is some 200 km to the north.

Perugia is connected to Viterbo via a fast main road (slightly more than 120 km), Grosseto is 140 km away, Orvieto 40 km and Terni 60.

Tourists landing in Rome have no ideas of the beauties – unknown to them – concealed in this still undiscovered area and which can be easily reached from the Capital of Italy.

Viterbo is connected to Rome by train but the best solution to visit Tuscia is to hire a car and drive through the wonderful hilly landscape covered by olive trees and hazelnuts (both the main agricultural sources of Tuscia). A quicker solution is the expressway from Ciampino o Fiumicino airport to the exit toll of Orte (don’t miss a visit to this etruscan and medieval town on the top of a lovely hill) and from here to Viterbo via express way.

Viterbo and its area can be easily reached also from Civitavecchia, where many ships and cruisers dock from the United States and other overseas countries, via a freeway.

Tourists have a wide choice as far as accomodation is concerned: high and middle level hotels, agritourisms, villas, holiday apartments, B&Bs, campings… most located in wonderful and breath-taking areas, often far from traffic and immersed in a stunning nature.

No need to list all the opportunities offered to tourists by our land: all sports, hobbies, amusements are available here, ranging from history to art, from architecture to nature, from fishing to football and trekking, from horse riding to archery and much much more.

Ask your tourism agency to organize your next holiday in this wonderful part of Italy. StunningLand will be happy to assist you in case you need more information, with special reference to fishing the many waters of this or adjacent areas.



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