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Among the treasures that the area of Tuscia conceals in the folds of its land, the waters of its lakes and rivers are the best prize for anglers. Three lakes (Bolsena, Vico and Mezzano) and many Appennine streams (Mignone, Fiora, Marta… ) host in their depths the most sought-after quarries.

Pike, black-bass, carp, barbel, perch, zander and trout eagerly accept skillfully cast baits – either artificial and natural – offering the anglers relax and amusement.

Thanks to the mild weather, in this part of Lazio it is possible to approach the water as early as beginning of Spring through late Autumn.

(Fly)anglers (alone or in group) can take advantage of the experience and knowledge of StunningLand, an association whose aim is the spreading of the beauties of this land and its fishing opportunities offering a companion for one or more days for river, lake and – last but not least – mouth-of-the-river seafishing with relevant information, technical assistance and, if required, tackle supply.

During your holiday in Tuscia you can also consider learning how to cast and/or tie a fly: another service offered to satisfy your need of knowledge of what is considered as an art.

Black-bass and pike can be sought after from the bank or a boat while trout and whitefish are found mostly in the various running waters offering different environment and casting difficulties both to the beginner and the highly specialized flyangler.

One for all, the Nera, the world famous stream known for its huge and shy browns and for its top rate landscape. However, Nera is not the only possible destination. Tuscia is the perfect starting point for many other areas, all of them offering greatest fishing challenges.

Flyfishing sessions can be organized both for single or more anglers to meet personal and specific requests and interests.

Tourist activities and arrangements are organized by or in cooperation with local travel agents and official tourist guides. In case you need extra information about fly fishing activity, simply let’s know.


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