Bomarzo is one of the many ancient medieval towns scattered on the whole territory of Tuscia. It is approx 20-25km from Viterbo, on the way to Orte, easily reachable following a fast highway connecting this town to Civitavecchia passing in the nearby of Viterbo. Bomarzo offers a lot of ancient monuments and beauties, one for all, the worldwide famous “Giardino dei Mostri” (Monsters Garden). The oldest part of Bomarzo is consolidated on the top a hill, from where the panoramic view is really breathtaking. 



The Monster Garden in Bomarzo inspired many international artists, painters and writers. The Dutch writer Hella S. Haasse was one of them. Her novel ”De tuinen van Bomarzo” (The Bomarzo Gardens) was translated into several other languages. On the cover of the book you see a painting of another Dutch artist, the painter Carel Willink.

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