St. Cecily – Santa Cecilia (Chia-Soriano – VT)

S_Cecilia070914_06“On the left side of the valley where stream Castello flows, over a sloping area of a few thousands square meters, covered by a thick oak cover, are scattered hundreds of ruins of a rupestrian settlement. Their variety makes us believe that this area has been inhabited since the prehistoric period, up to the 10th century A.D. In the middle of it there is a huge block out of which several tombs of anthropomorphic shape have been hollowed. On this block also rest the ruins of a medieval church, presumably dedicated to St. Cecily (after whom the quarter is named). It is surrounded by some monolithic sarcophagi of anthropomorphic shape too. All over this area you can also trace an ancient road”.

This is the description of the enchanting etruscan site not far from Soriano nel Cimino, on the way leading to Bomarzo (another charming village deserving a visit) and within shouting distance from Chia and Fosso Castello. You can read it on a post, placed at the beginning of the path leading to the tombs.

Passing through the overhanging vegetation you feel the whispers of the past, you feel as if thousands of  etruscan eyes were following your steps on the musk and the carpet of dead leaves.

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