The whole world is in Tuscia.


I first saw this land more than thirty years ago, mostly by chance, during one of the many trips through our wonderful Italy.

I had landed in Fiumicino, coming New Zealand via Singapore and from Rome I decided to go back home visiting an area still unknown to me.

Yes, I like traveling very much and I must confess I had a lot of nice and interesting experiences. In addition to trips, I am very fond of  (fly)fishing and for this reason I had gone to the Maori land. I have also traveled through Italy and visited almost all of its regions and to be honest, I must confess that I am not sure – in spite of the many beauties and landscapes I saw abroad – if I prefer foreign  countries or my own.

Perhaps the reason is that I’m deeply and proudly Italian. So far, I’ve not found a country which in its globality can be compared to Italy. The same is also for Tuscia: I’ve visited a great part of Italy but Tuscia has conquered my heart pushing me to decide to move here from the north.

Once left the midst of Padania, I’ve found myself in an environment which day after day I appreciated and liked: its food, its landscapes, its small and ancient villages, the walls of which contain history and culture… and its rivers and lakes, so different from those I was used to and still offering a bucolic atmosphere which we are no longer used to.

And the color of its sky, so blue… so bright to harm your eyes… And it sunsets on the lake…. as if it were avidly capturing each ray of the sun… to keep it from escaping…

The still genuine food… and the traditions following the steps of agricultural life…

The quiet life of a small village was a real stroke at the beginning, being used to the quick and fast days of the north of Italy. It took very little, however, to go deeply into the pace of nature and soon found myself immersed in the observation of the flight of a swallow or watching the evolutions of butterfly above the flowers…

I am an angler, I said. I have always been since I was a kid. The bag of technical experiences I have been collecting for more than 50 years along rivers and lakes helped me understand and appreciate the waters of this and the nearby provinces, enriching my knowledge to the point to decide to make them available to anybody wishing to catch a fish with a fly (and immediately release it!).

All this in an environment still untouched and full with mystery. Soon came the decision to give birth to StunningLand ( and spread the existence and the potentiality of these rivers, lakes and environments.

Casting your fly while walking along the remains of an etruscan site… wading the fast and gin clear water of a mountain stream flowing across the underwood.. crawling on stones and boulders to spot a rising fish without being noticed… entering the mild water of the lake to reach the border of those submerged weeds…

All this is still possible, here in Tuscia, away from the chaos , away from the cars, away from the whole world, I would say. But the world is all here, in Tuscia, one of the most beautiful italian provinces.


Translated from Italian –
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