Our Physolophy

We believe in simplicity. When we go fishing, we are looking for fish (of course!) and relax, above all.

In front of a fish, or a promising spot, we go deep into our back memories to find out a similar previous occasion for the best strategy or try to find a new one.


We are not extreme distance casting addicts (unless demanded by a special situation), nor lovers of “perfectly imitative patterns”. We think that extreme solutions are for extreme situations. We have a full knowledge of our fishing environment and we are fully integrated with it: it has no secrets for us and we know where and when extreme situations are round the corner, and we are ready to cope with them.

When fishing with friends and guests, we prefer taking them to the best spots and show them where fish are (or supposed to be) and suggest them the best fishing technique. We very seldom have a rod in hand. We want that YOU – and not us – catch the fish. We’ll be on the river so many times and we’ll have plenty of opportunities later. Don’t spoil your holiday: take it easy and “use” our knowledge of our water to get the best out of it.

Sometimes we are asked to show how to approach a fish or to cast the fly to what is supposed to be a difficult spot. We’ll be pleased to show how but first we give infos and instructions on how to do it yourselves.

Nera_Matty_jul2013 025

As far as flies and techniques are concerned, we are very broadminded. Dry fly is – and it is normal! – our favorite technique but fish spend most of their time feeding on submerged preys. Also, a nymph or a wet fly is the only method under certain circumstances: no rises, turbulent water, deep pools, flashing fish, milky water… A fishing day might be quite long and boring if fish decide to reject all your floating offers. This is why – if you agree and are not a dry fly addict (in which case we respect your decision) – we are ready to give you assistance to find the best solution also “undersurface” ;-).

We appreciate and envy those who are so clever in creating those wonderful pieces of arts with all the details of a living insect.

March Brown - Ugurgeri

However, our experience has taught us that fish are ready to accept also not-so-perfect flies. Last but not least, the bigger, the better and in our fast streams this is a real rule. Of course, there are specific situations where a true model makes the difference but this happens so seldom here. So, don’t be disgusted if the set of flies we offer you are not the real essence of perfection: they have all been positively tested and if used in the right way, you’ll appreciate their attractive power.


Sometimes, it happens that friends we have the pleasure to fish with are unhappy for the negative results of the day. It happens. Very seldom, but it may happen, of course. Too hot, too much raining or unstable weather, high or low water, dams interventions and many other factors may have the wrong influence on your fishing trip. We can make your trip as smooth as possible but have no influence on external factors.

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