What’s our role?

StunningLand was born with the scope of improving knowledge of the beauty of our Country starting from fishing, a passion being part of our DNA.

We are available to tourists – either since years or just passing by – who want to take advantage of a safe and experienced support, a figure which in Italy is not widely spread and known: the fishing guide.

This service is available to our Members who can rely on a knowledged companion during their days on our rivers, lakes and sea as well.

StunningLand is not involved with the logistic part of the holiday. For this, we cooperate with many local official and experienced structures able to offer top rate assistance and formulas.

StunningLand is also involved with the spreading of a correct culture and philosophy of flyfishing, of our local land and a suitable approach to the environment.

StunningLand offers technical fishing assistance, guide, tackle, fishing information and – last but not least – casting and tying sessions for beginners. Just call in for further information…

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