Rio Chiaro

Torrente_YellowHouse_WEB_419Tuscia is dotted with tenths of small rivers and streams (which we call “rio”), running through very small and disguised valleys – locally known as “forre” – where nature has still all its power. The water of these “rios” is not a good environment for trout and salmonids (being too warm for them) but is perfect for cyprinids which are found in good quantity. Fly fishing is very hard due to the trees and bushes almost covering the water – especially in late spring and summer – and casting is a real challenge: very short rods, ultra-light lines, short leaders and attractors are a must.

Among the many rios of our province, Rio Chiaro is really worth a try.

The water shows a “milky” appearance due to the tufa bottom but is not polluted: this characteristic is typical of many of our rios running through our “forre”. It is not very deep (no waders needed) and the fish is very shy. The size of our quarry is not huge but catching a chub in this environment is really amusing and gives satisfaction.

Tourists spending their holiday at the Yellow House only have to walk for few minutes to reach the water.


The Yellow House is wihin very short distance from Lake Bolsena (excellent water for bass and pike both from a boat or from the shore) and from Civita di Bagnoregio, one of the most beautiful villages not to be missed while visiting Tuscia. Civita di Bagnoregio is an ancient village with very few residents and destined to disappear due to the properties of the hill where it rests: the wind, the water and other natural reasons have been eroding the hill which is going to collapse within a not so far future.

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