Sagra del Lattarino (end of May-beginning of June)


The happening (Sagra del Lattarino di Marta, a small village on the western bank of Lake Bolsena) is held on the last week end of may (sat and sun) but it may also be postponed to the beginning of june. The hap
pening tends to promote tourism incoming and “Atherina lacustris”, a small whitefish typical of this lake and locally known as “Lattarino”.
The first happening was in 1976 and now it is listed among the 10 most popular “festivals.”
Stands are located on the lake bank and along river Marta. Fish is taken ashore early in the morning by fishermen using a typical net called “martavello” (or “artavello”) and cooked on a huge pan (3mt diameter) using 1200 liters of oil and almost 2tons of fish. For this reason is listed in the Guiness Book. In addition to the above ingredients, we also find 250kg of flour and 400kg of bread.
On sunday, a historical “corteo” walks along the village streets.
The little fish (whose imitation as a streamer is used for black-bass) is served either fried in olive oil or “cooked” in vinegar and aromatic herbs. It is accompanied by bread and a glass of local white wine. Fried frogs are also served. Last but not least, the excellent local red wine, known as “Cannaiola”, produced exclusively in this area. (for more information about this wine,

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