Tuscia: where is it?

When we say that we live in Tuscia, we are often asked where Tuscia is. The name wrongly recalls that of Tuscany (of which a small souther part belongs to Tuscia…) and generates confusion. As a matter of facts, Tuscia was the name given to Etruria at the end of the domain of the Etruscans and it included the whole are of ancient Etruria, Tuscany, western Umbria and upper Latium now subdivided into three great areas: Roman Tuscia (upper Latium), including the so called “Saint Peter’s Heritage” (under the Pope’s governorship) and identified with the northern province of Rome up to Lake Bracciano; Ducal Tuscia (including the areas of Latium and western Umbria under the Duke of Spoleto’s governorship) and Longobard Tuscia (roughly corresponding to today’s Tuscany).






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