Volturno (Is)

River Volturno is one of the most loved flyfishing waters in central-south Italy. A trip to this excellent stream from Viterbo should be planned on at least 2 days, due to the distance from Tuscia but it is really worth the trip. Volturno has two no-kill stretches, each with peculiar differences but both offering extremely difficult trout living in fast runs and sometimes accepting only midges on #24 or even #30 hooks.
The upper part is more “savage”
and somehow easier, due to the
“more open” environment but
the shallower drifts and pools make
trout extremely shy
Volturno_NKalto_ago14_10 Volturno_NKalto_ago14_02
Volturno_ago14_trota59 Volturno_ago14_ponterosso63
The lower stretch is rather different, with deeper runs and stronger water, where trout rise abruptly to attractors skating along the submerged obstacles. In both stretches, in certain periods of the year it is possible to find huge hatches of Oligoneurella rehnana: the abnormal quantity of these insects makes flyfishing extremely difficult and anglers often go back home fishless. 
Volturno_ago14_ponterosso66 Volturno_ago14_ponterosso65
Volturno_ago14_ponterosso43 Volturno_ago14_osvatrota04

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