Why not Italy?

Italy is not a second-hand country for fishing

According to the usual “right-minded people”, Italy is not worth a fishing trip. Abroad, there are excellent rivers, wonderful and fat fish and Italy is – for the medium-high class (fly)angler – a sort of second-hand destination.

No doubt that these people have no idea of the opportunities offered by this land of ours. As a matter of fact, they compare the results of a fishing trip to the amount they spend for it. The more they pay, the more fish they “must” catch. Noblesse oblige…

It goes without saying that the excellent results obtained in other countries deserve all the merit and all the appreciation. Abroad, there is a more intensive consideration of the environment and more interest in nature preservation. But this does not mean that we do not have good rivers and fishing opportunities.

Those who think we are a second-hand destination have no ideas of the potentiality of our water, they have no experience and can’t be trusted. They give their attention only to “noble” fish and have no ideas of how to catch pikes, black-basses, perches, zanders, chubs, barbels, carps, rudds in natural environment. Without forgetting, of course, trout and graying.

Are these perhaps less noble that trout, grayling and char? Italy offers all of them…

Being used to fish overstocked water, they’d have no good results in not-stocked rivers or lakes and cannot appreciate the amusement offered by the thousands of small rivers scattered all over Italy. 

And what about the landscape, the environment, the culture, the history of our numberless villages of our valleys? And what about the food, the wine, the oil, the popular traditions… don’t be deceived by those who want to make no efforts to catch fish.

Fish are noble rivals: they must not be only won, they must be conquered and mastered. And this, in Italy, is still possible.

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